The Chaicycle

India has been the biggest source of inspiration for Dem Good Chai. Nothing brings you closer to the experience of drinking a chai in India than when it is freshly prepared and poured in front of you. Purely artisanal! This is how the ‘Chaicycle’ was created. Our traditional cargo bike to be able to offer Dem Good Chai on location. With the Chaicycle, Dem Good Chai brings a piece of Indian experience to events, fairs and festivals. A niche that makes a unique contribution to your event. The Chaicycle can also be hired for weddings of private parties. Consider, for example, a thematic party where we can contribute to stimulating the senses.

Festivals & Events

You see it more and more these days: people are becoming aware and thinking more about their food habits. Because Dem Good Chai’s Chai is 100% organic and caffeine-free, Dem Good Chai fits perfectly into the contemporary picture. Moreover, our chai also contains all kinds of ingredients that are good for your health. As an organic food stand, the Chaicycle offers a moment of tranquility between the hectic pace of a festival, event or fair. You can drink a cup of chai latte while you chill in our oasis of calmness. Surrounded by wooden fruit boxes, plants and the scent of exotic herbs.


Since 2021 the Chaicycle is fully operational as a mobile vending cart. Roaming the parks and streets of Utrecht, serving delicious (Iced) Chai’s and pastries. What can I say? I just have a heart for operating within my local community. Check our instagram for up to date locations or message us if you’d like us to come to your neighbourhood. 

Hire us

Our Chaicycle is guaranteed to be something new. Okay, we didn’t literally reinvent the wheel, but we took a unique approach to it. This has resulted in authenticity in a fresh, creative way. We are therefore an original addition to the large number of existing coffee and food trucks. Do you want to hire the Chaicycle for your party or event? Then you can contact us by calling the following number: 085-0013554. Dem Good Chai can be reached by phone from Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:00. E-mailing is of course also possible. We’re happy to help you.

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