Nowadays, as a café or restaurant, you can no longer settle with just a simple cup of tea or instant coffee on the menu. The guests desire quality and healthy alternatives. Dem Good Chai offers the solution here. Brewing our Chai is just as quick and easy as brewing a ready-made cup of tea or coffee. However, it’s our quality and expertise that will make the products stand out.

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Artisan Crafted

Our products are traditional, authentic and locally crafted in Utrecht, the Netherlands. We exclusively use 100% organic, caffeine-free products. In addition, the packaging is sustainable and biodegradable. We also use glass jars to deliver the tea so we limit waste as much as possible. 

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Our leading product when you’re thinking of a Chai Latte on your menu. This product has proven itself highly appreciated by anyone that likes Chai. 

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We specialise in creating perfectly balanced, organically sourced loose leaf teas. Truly original and exciting blends when you’re searching beyond the standard teas.

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Supplies & accessories

We’ll make sure you have everything you’ll need. Strainers, measuring spoons, storage containers and clear instructions to make a perfect chai every time.

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There’s only so much that words can do to describe our beautifully balanced blends. Let us know if you’d like to really taste them and experience it for yourself. Fill in the contact form below so we can get in touch.

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