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Dem Good Chai: A journey of Flavour, Health and Tradition

At Dem Good Chai, the journey began with a soul-searching adventure in India, igniting a passion in founder Bob. Studying Massage Therapy in South India, he discovered Ayurvedic spices and chai culture. Guided by a mentor, he mastered crafting immune-supporting chais with creativity while honoring traditions.

From Experimentation to Perfection

Bob continued perfecting his chai in a restaurant in the Netherlands, testing thousands of small variations of his blends with his customers until he finally created the ultimate recipe: Classic Chai Latte – Full Spice. This blend has become our top-selling product, beloved by thousands of café and restaurant guests, as well as our own loyal fans and followers.

What Sets Us Apart?

Dem Good Chai celebrates freshly ground spices and the heritage of chai.
In a world of processed extracts and instant powders, we stand firm in our commitment to purity and top-notch ingredients, ensuring an authentic experience. Quality and flavour are our unwavering standards.
We honour the cultural significance of chai, delivering a beverage that echoes tradition while tantalizing the taste buds. Our aspiration is for our dedication to kindle a deep appreciation for the true essence of chai—a reminder that life’s most fulfilling moments often start with a simple cup.

Our Offerings: The essence of Chai

Our expertise lies in the creation of beautifully balanced, loose spiced chai sourced from certified organic producers. These blends embody indulgent self-care, offering moments of relaxation or connection with loved ones. With a history dating back to 7000BC, chai has woven itself into communal life and healing traditions across the globe.
At Dem Good Chai, we believe that quality chai marries natural healing, connection, and presence. Our offerings seamlessly fuse the healing powers of chai with indulgent flavors, resulting in unique blends, each with its distinct character and therapeutic attributes.

Our Guiding Principles

Every facet of Dem Good Chai reflects a commitment to elevating health, forging connections with nature and one another, and fostering an intuitive, holistic lifestyle. Our reverence for Mother Earth fuels our pursuit of planet-friendly sourcing and sustainable packaging, a reciprocal act of love and integrity.

Blends of Tradition and Flavour

Delve into our world of Loose Spiced Chai—behold the symphony of flavors carefully crafted from high-quality, organically sourced ingredients. There are no preservatives or additives here; just the pure goodness of nature captured in every sip. Join us on a journey of health and happiness, one cup of chai at a time.

Connect us to your favourite place

Calling all chai enthusiasts! Share the chai love and connect us with your favourite café or restaurant. Let’s spread the warmth and flavour of Dem Good Chai together!

Here are some of our current customers that joined our mission. 


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