De Ayurveda Podcast Bundle

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This one is for you to slow down. Blends that sooth and cool your body and mind. This bundle can be your evening indulgence. Abundant with spices and herbs that will assist your digestion and calm your system down. This may brings you peace and relaxation before going to sleep.

The bundle comes with:



Cool Yin is a soothing restorative infusion, known as the true queen of cooling energy. This blend is a breath of fresh air after moments of stress or exertion, making it ideal for post-workout self-care and restorative evenings. This beautiful selection of fragrant flowers and mint gently prompts a return to Yin: a peaceful, receiving energy that exists in a state of flow.

Happy Belly is a gorgeously light infusion, rich with the healing powers of nature. This relaxing tea brings harmony to your digestive system and is ideal to include in a daily self-care ritual or as an after-dinner infusion. Happy Belly brings together a collection of organic herbs and spices that are known to promote peaceful digestion and support a balanced gut and mind.

Chamomile Chai is a golden infusion that soothes the soul and warms the heart. This gorgeous relaxing tea is all about joy and makes for a perfect self-care ritual or offering of love to a close friend. Chamomile Chai combines the potent magic of both flower and spice to create a blend that feels much like a warm and welcoming embrace.

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Dimensions 21 × 13 × 4 cm

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