Giftbox: Cycle Seasons

“A balance of giving and receiving is essential to keeping your energy, mood, and motivation at a consistently high level” 

That’s why Dem Good Chai offers these high-spirited gift boxes. A truly special and thoughtful present to give to someone you hold dear. Yes, that can even be yourself. We carefully selected each item in the gift box by intent. This one is called Cycle Seasons. Specially created to physically and emotionally support you in your (women’s) cycles. There is a blend for every season that’s carefully crafted to soothe your needs according to the cycle season that you’re in.

The Cycle Seasons Giftbox includes:

The Cycle Seasons Giftbox is a beautiful gift for anyone who’s intentionally living according to her / his cycle seasons.



Chamomile Chai is a golden infusion that soothes the soul and warms the heart. This gorgeous relaxing tea is all about joy and makes for a perfect self-care ritual or offering of love to a close friend. Chamomile Chai combines the potent magic of both flower and spice to create a blend that feels much like a warm and welcoming embrace.

Choco Maca Chai is a rich latte blend created for chocolate worshipers and lovers of spice. This chai combines the delicious heart-opening effects of pure cacao with powerhouse superfood Maca. This blend seeks to balance hormones, support the immune system and soothe and rejuvenate the soul. Choco Maca Chai is the perfect latte for indulgent natural healing and self-care rituals.

Cool Yin is a soothing restorative infusion, known as the true queen of cooling energy. This blend is a breath of fresh air after moments of stress or exertion, making it ideal for post-workout self-care and restorative evenings. This beautiful selection of fragrant flowers and mint gently prompts a return to Yin: a peaceful, receiving energy that exists in a state of flow.

Moon Chai is a healing and soothing infusion, specially created to promote a gentle menstrual cycle. This earthy and warming blend combines the best of plant medicine with indulgent flavour. Perfect for soft and gentle self-care. Moon Chai is rich in healing plants known to ease menstrual cramps, relax sore muscles and promote hormonal balance.

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