Created with respect for the origins of chai

We are going through a major change!

We are aiming big! Therefore we’re working to create more social impact by doing Dem Good things. 
For starters:

We now work closely together with local Indian producers and farmers.
Our spices are directly sourced from the land and blended for us with love. 

We believe that where intention goes, energy flows. That’s why we choose to focus on our main products so we can work and build in a sustainable matter on this relationship. To create work and opportunities, share passion and love for Indian spice. 

That’s why we exclusively offer you only our very bests. Our most delicious chai. Blends that can too be made by our local partners in India. 

For now we are happy to continue serving you:

Delicious natural chai!! Top product, local from Utrecht and also delivered quickly. Dem good chai is really my new favorite, I look forward to my delicious chai latte every day!!

The most delicious chai ever. Also get yourself a tea as a gift. It is also highly recommended! Never another!

My expectations of the company and product were greatly exceeded, so personal, such beautiful products, great Tone of Voice in communication. Damn good business!!!! I tell about you to others
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