Crafted with respect for the origins of chai

Loose Spiced Chai

Experience our unique and flavourful organic chai blends made with high-quality ingredients sourced from organically certified producers. No preservatives or additives, just carefully crafted goodness of nature in every cup. Join us on a journey of health and happiness, one cup of chai at a time.

What makes Dem Good Chai different?

We value freshly ground spices and the origins of chai. While processed extracts and instant powders are common, we prioritize purity and quality ingredients for an authentic experience. Quality and flavour Quality and flavour are our unwavering standards.

We want to honour the cultural significance of chai and deliver a delicious beverage steeped in tradition. Our hope is that our dedication inspires others to appreciate the true essence of chai.

Delicious natural chai!! Top product, local from Utrecht and also delivered quickly. Dem good chai is really my new favorite, I look forward to my delicious chai latte every day!!

The most delicious chai ever. Also get yourself a tea as a gift. It is also highly recommended! Never another!

My expectations of the company and product were greatly exceeded, so personal, such beautiful products, great Tone of Voice in communication. Damn good business!!!! I tell about you to others

How it started

Bob, the founder, learned from a master of the craft in India. When he brought the recipe and methods to Melbourne, Australia, he knew he had something special. After many guests proclaimed, “That’s a DAMN good chai, Bobby!” the name of our brand was born. 

Bob continued perfecting his chai in a restaurant in the Netherlands, testing thousands of small variations of his blends with his customers until he finally created the ultimate recipe: Classic Chai Latte – Full Spice. This blend has become our top-selling product, beloved by thousands of café and restaurant guests, as well as our own loyal fans and followers.

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